Nureyev & Friends - Paris 2013

Rudolf Nureyev would have been 75 on 17 March 2013. He passed away on 6 January 1993. Two dates that D&D Art Productions commemorated with a two-day gala at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, May 31-June 1, 2013.
The programme included both works immortalized by Nureyev, and choreographed or staged by him. Dancers appearing at the gala were Iana Salenko and Marian Walter (Berlin State Ballet), Evgenia Obraztsova and Dmitry Gudanov (Bolshoi Ballet), Aurélie Dupont, Myriam Ould-Braham and Mathias Heymann (Paris Opera Ballet), Daria Vasnetsova and Evgeni Ivanchenko (Mariinsky Ballet), Alexandra Timofeyeva (Kremlin Ballet), Tamara Rojo and Vadim Muntagirov (English National Ballet), Maia Makhateli and Remi Wörtmeyer (Dutch National Ballet), Federico Bonelli and Rupert Pennefather (Royal Ballet), and artists of the Ballet de Bordeaux. Special guests included Carla Fracci, Hans van Manen, Vladimir Vasiliev, among others. Artistic Direction Charles Jude and David Makhateli.
Photos with kind permission of D&D Art Productions.

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